Posted by: Adam Deane | 08/07/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPMS – Theo Priestley

There is a law of diminishing returns in BPMS that most won’t tell you, at some point the effort to automate and design increasingly complex decisions to capture and process all possible scenarios becomes greater than the efficiency and resultant savings you first aimed for.

On ACMN – Frank Michael Kraft

But at the same time Adaptive Processes questions the limitations of BPMN and some of its basic meta model flaws. Of course the Adaptive Process BPMN style tries to avoid these flaws – for example by not allowing certain modeling elements, or by recommendations or rules as of how to use the modeling elements more effectively. But in the end the result will always be limited to what BPMN is able to do. Therefore new modeling languages are being invented, that have the Adaptive gene from the beginning.

On BPM Vendor Differentiators – Gary Comerford

As examples I’ve spoken to vendors who cite their excellent after-sales service as a differentiator. Also vendors who use the fact that they are small and responsive as a great selling point. Others point to their training offerings, Gartner approbation and other things as reasons why you would want to look at them rather than the competition. Of course price will certainly be a differentiator for many companies

On IT Governance – Alexander Peters

What is the conclusion? The more your organization invests in smart technologies for business innovation, differentiation, and productivity improvements, the more you will need good IT governance for managing these investments. And because developing good IT governance is a learning experience filled with trial and error, the earlier you start applying good IT governance as a continuous improvement process, the faster you will benefit from it and your investments

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