Posted by: Adam Deane | 28/07/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Cloud BPM – Shariq Ata

In the crowded world of Cloud-based BPM, many vendors claim to deliver simplicity, ease of process automation and cost efficiency. But a close look under the marketing veneer reveals that many vendors are just reinventing and relabeling the same old as new

On Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) – Jim Sinur

One of the major deliverables is a process map with actual paths mapped with activity major process threads highlighted and bolstered by activity counts. Not only can ABPD identify exceptions to the happy path(s), but common exceptional paths and costly outlying paths of process activity.

On BPM and Process Data – Scott Francis

It got my attention because on of the hang-ups that I’ve observed with BPM practitioners with formal object-oriented development experience is trying to over-design the object hierarchy. Thinking of process data as “in memory” data structures in a language like Java or C++. This leads to wanting to have circular references between objects (manager has a list of direct reports, and the direct reports each have a link/pointer to manager). But in BPM systems it makes more sense to think of process data as a simplified bit of concrete data from the database.

On ACM – Keith Swenson

Any work support system that depends upon processes designed with BPMN (or BPMN-like languages) cannot be considered an ACM system

On ACM and Goals – Max J. Pucher

Without a clear term definition for the business users which I see as part of the Business Architecture, there won’t be real world use of ACM or BPM. Most of all business people won’t be able to describe their work without that language of process that reduces ambiguity. In the end the business choses to use the terms they want, but they should not be restricted by the limitation of a system that doesn’t allow goal definitions

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