Posted by: Adam Deane | 25/08/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Product Suites – Craig Reid

Whilst many of these technologies have been created to resolve specific business problems there is a trend toward convergence to create product suites that seek to solve holistic business problems and enable Enterprise Business Process Management.
Whilst all of these advances are benefitting organizations we must always remember that not every process can be automated and that our dependence upon human skill and ingenuity is something to be treasured.

On Process Discovery – David Brakoniecki

The obvious definition is to ‘discover’ and document a process so that it can be improved or automated. The meeting is a really about effective requirement gathering but the unspoken objective of the meeting should always be to build momentum and confidence in the transformation agenda or in the project.
If you have done your homework right, the people in the room are key stakeholders that need to buy-in to your efforts for you to be successful. Process discovery sessions might be the first time you are in front of them. Many might resent being there – often they have been told by their boss to attend. Some might be senior decision-makers whose time is valuable – you need to build credibility that time they give you will be spent effectively.

On Implementing BPM – Scott Francis

The obvious interpretation is that “implemented BPM” implies that you take a BPM-informed approach to your business and your processes. It is a journey not a destination, and as result it isn’t something you put in the rearview mirror except that you *can* establish BPM as the “standard operating procedure” for how you approach defining, improving, and sustaining process in your organization.

On The Future of BPM – Theo Priestley

The future of BPM and indeed work based software and method itself doesn’t lie in continually adding onto the bloated software product stack from the latest analyst twitterings, or jumping onto the darling buzzword for this week, the future lies in being able to step back and accept a piece of humble pie and admitting that we have been wrong. I’m not suggesting we ignore everything that has come before but equally we can’t blindly keep following the same mechanics that have served for decades.

On ACM – Keith Swenson

Some see ACM as the combination of social techniques together with dynamic business process management. It is certain that there is a confluence of technologies coming together at this time, and it is having a profound effect on the structure of our organizations.

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