Posted by: Adam Deane | 02/09/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Methodology – Cindy Cheng

Note that methodology plays a key role in the equation. You can give someone a smartphone and the person may still use it only to make phone calls, and not leverage all the features to be more productive and efficient. Similarly, using only BPM technology without the methodology will often lead to project failures or poor user adoption. Vice versa, using only BPM methodology while not taking advantage of the technology provides no automation and will not deliver the return on investment (ROI) expected of a true BPM project.

On BPM Methodology – Max J. Pucher

BPM methodology and BPMS implementation must go hand-in-hand or at least have the opportunity to do so. Adequate technology must support the BPM enterprise effort, even if it might only be used locally at first. BPM must think big, but BPMS must allow small scale perspectives on the business user level. Considering them separately is a huge mistake.

On BPM and Social Paradigm – Jaisundar

If you want to infuse that ‘Social Paradigm’ into BPM even before we get the real true picture of what a fully mature Social Enterprise would look like, you better think again. And take it slow. The enterprise and its ways and structure is set to go through a helluva lot of rejigging. Oh boy. It is.

On Business Processes and Outside-In – Craig Reid

So whilst traditional companies try to solve their problems by looking at their internal processes and improving them (with the misguided aim of improving their service to the customer) outside-in starts with the customer experience and builds the internal business processes to support the customer alignment.

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