Posted by: Adam Deane | 08/09/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Value-Stream-Based BPM Metric Framework – Craig Le Clair

My current focus is understanding agility metrics. And in short, I believe agility metrics applied to transformational projects, changes in scale, or more tactical modifications to product, service, or technology will improve the ability to make changes large and small, repetitively and continuously, without adversely affecting the ability to make future changes. Advancing technology for business process management (BPM) and analytics is allowing broader and deeper treatment of performance metrics in general. As a result, defining and using performance metrics is an emerging trend that offers significant opportunity for business process management.

On ACM – Scott Francis

This has been one of the defining problems of ACM – defining itself by what it isn’t. Conceptually it just isn’t working very well, in my estimation, as a name that means something separate from amorphous names like CM and BPM.

On ACM and Open Process Clouds – Keith Swenson

The concept “Open Process Clouds” has nothing to do with cloud computing, but rather parts of a process that can not be presented by a traditional process. They use a little cloud symbol in the process definition to denote the ambiguous, unpredictable behavior of what people do there. This is precisely what we have been talking about in ACM as an unpredictable process, but his terminology is a little different.

On the BPM Market – Theo Priestley

The size of the market is in no way an indicator of maturity unlike some analysts might claim. With a constantly shifting target to aim for maturity doesn’t last long as vendors are keen to keep moving with the times and that means both risk and innovation. To innovate means you will have to start at the bottom again and that makes you immature in both strategy and bottom line in product.

On BPM Agenda – Alberto Manuel

but on the other hand I feel that BPM is being driven by the available technology menu that halts managers to develop a vision how to continue to deliver value. When we look back on the past achievements, he saw that business transformation as being publicize in case studies, BPM events and vendors solution portfolio, is focused on automation (sorry ACM partisans, but ACM is a new type of enterprise automation) and an important slice of the business is somehow being forgotten.

On the value of BPMS – Cindy Cheng

Before an integrated BPM Suite, business analysts or Lean Six Sigma experts would define and design existing processes in Microsoft Visio or a process modeling tool. Than they would give the process diagram to an IT specialists to program it and execute it in a workflow engine. There’s limited ability to manage, change, monitor, and optimize running processes so the processes are inflexible, expensive, and cumbersome to change.

On BPM and Project Failure – Pritiman Panda

The general notion of Workflow = BPM is also one of the reasons for a Project failure. BPM ecosystem offers much more than that. But we just force fit the product to ensure that we have leveraged BPM in most of the places in the enterprise.

On Long-term Failure of Process Initiatives – Hammer

Oh, there will be an almost immediate success when process is introduced, and we will see a lot of people singing the praises of process and then there will be an erosion of commitment and an eventual abandonment of principles that clearly benefited the organization, the employees, and the customers. Why does it go wrong?

On BPM and Mantra – Scott Cleveland

Efficiency is all about Process… This brings me to my mantra – just do it! The best time to improve efficiency is when you don’t have to. Most companies won’t do that. In today’s economy, companies have to get more efficient to survive.

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