Posted by: Adam Deane | 15/09/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Business Processes and Mobile – Clay Richardson

Unfortunately, today’s business and technology leaders continue to respond to the mobile opportunity with the wrong answers. Business leaders respond to mobile with, “Let’s build a really slick mobile app, put it up on iTunes and we’re done!” Technologists respond to mobile with, “We need a strong BYOD policy and to put device management tools in place!” Both of these responses completely overlook the fact that underlying legacy applications and business processes need optimizing for the mobile experience.

On the Infinite Process Monkey Theorem – Theo Priestley

The infinite process monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random using Visio or a BPMS for an infinite amount of time will almost surely create a given process, such as the complete target operating model of a bank.

On Production Case Management (PCM) – Keith Swenson

Production Case Management (PCM) is an approach to supporting knowledge workers which is programmed by specially-trained technical people (programmers) to produce a case management application. That application is deployed for use by knowledge workers to get their work done. The application offers collections of operations that the knowledge worker can select to use or not use depending on the specific needs of the case.

On BPM and Enterprise Architecture – Emiel Kelly

BPM is just daily business and coaching and educating organizations and their employees on how they can benefit more from the ‘power of process’ sounds more sustainable to me than spending several projects on IT things and forget about the rest. And maybe that comes from the fact that I am not such a fan of the word ‘architecture’ when it comes to BPM because it has too much an IT-taste.

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