Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/09/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On Doctors and BPMN – Keith Swenson

Doctors may make use of systems that use BPMN: of course. When I say that BPMN is incompatible with ACM, I mean that the actual case manager experience can not include BPMN for their own adaptive plans. Doctors will use many BPM systems based on BPMN for routine tasks. They will also use many traditional applications programmed in Java and C++. I am not saying that everything they touch has to be BPMN free. But the treatment plan, which is the ACM part of the medical experience, the part that the doctor is responsible for drawing up to fit a particular patient, will simply NOT be drawn in BPMN. Not now, not ever.

On ACM and BPMN – Bruce Silver

So the focus of this debate should not be whether BPMN is appropriate for the doctor, but whether it is appropriate, say, for the author of a protocol of medical tests and treatments relating to some set of symptoms. If it’s just Dr House winging it, that’s not really ACM. That’s just ad hoc, a checklist made up on the fly. And even with less ingenious practitioners we have it already: it’s called the patient chart. ACM should really be about the repeatable (and yes, extensible) logic, not just the ad hoc.

On BPMN – Scott Francis

Bringing it back to BPM: we can still create a declarative “system” for the user, while the underpinnings are described by BPMN. The users wouldn’t be using BPMN, any more than the users of MS Word use C++ or .NET.

On ACM and BPMN – Patrick Lujan

Apples and oranges. BPMN is a practitioner’s, implementer’s tool used to model a process, to whatever degree of “structured” or “unstructured.” ACM fans will tell you that it’s all about flexibility, that a BPMN model is temporal, can’t do it, blah, blah, blah… Bottom line, BPMN is one way to represent a process and as long as that representation is accurate, the semantics from others on slicing and dicing to the nth degree is moot.

On Stagnant BPM Messaging – Theo Priestley

Come on, move the industry forward, if someone asks you to contribute an article stop playing safe and write something controversial or thought provoking. People want to read fresh opinion on current and future topics that will create innovation or headache, not a rewording of something many have covered and put to bed.


  1. At what point does an adaptive case become a declarative action? No BPMN will probably not be the initial model for a new treatment plan (in healthcare) or the new path that a sales team needs to take. After that initial identification and that “new path” becomes worn from use it can certainly be modeled with BPMN. It can certainly be used for it but most won’t because they don’t want the extra work in maintaining their accuracy with the fluidity of the process and it’s changes.

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