Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/10/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On the Gartner iBPMS Quadrant – Ian Gotts

So the results of the MQ were eagerly awaited by the BPM software vendors like excited school kids around the noticeboard with exam results. But many of the vendors who read the report and were probably disappointed, confused and angry – in that order.

On the Gartner iBPMS Quadrant – Theo Priestley

there are over 100 vendors in the market today, enforced segmentation or not, they all deserve to be seen. Making up a new market term doesn’t raise the bar (just a larger invoice) but creates another set of divisions and another set of headaches for people looking to enter the BPM arena and for those trying to understand it.

On the Gartner iBPMS Quadrant – Jon Strickler

Whether the trend is labeled “Dynamic,” “Adaptive,” “Intelligent,” or something else, organizations that have captured the majority of the benefits from traditional BPM technologies will see additional value from deploying this newer breed of integrated technologies into their business processes.

On BPM PaaS – Stephanie Quick

The PaaS concept as being “the center of the universe” causes me to think of BPM PaaS.
This model not only transitions IT from overseer to an actual service provider, it offers solutions to some of the challenges and concerns expressed by companies with regard to moving to the Cloud. This is a frontward architecture for other shifts in technology consumption such as mobility and social networking

On BPM and Big Data – Swapnil Naik

Of course, many business executives have been reluctant to attempt to automate many of the processes for fear that the data those decisions are being made on is either incorrect or incomplete. But as the volume of data for those decisions increases, the confidence in those decisions increases because the level of extrapolation being made based on the available data is significantly less.

On BPM and Lean Startups – Clay Richardson

It means these leaders approach BPM excellence as a business in its own right, not just as another technology or business program in the company. They realize that BPM has investors and stakeholders. These leaders realize they must drive broad adoption for BPM over time in order to achieve success. Most importantly, they realize the need to build a business plan that outlines how they will deliver results quickly in order to continue growing and expanding the BPM initiative.

On BPM and Enterprise Software – Cindy Cheng

Unlike traditional enterprise software, BPM solutions are not restricted to a specific function or department. Since business processes are often cross functional involving multiple business departments, the software that supports how people work and collaborate within an enterprise must also cross boundaries. A BPM software platform should have the right foundation, features, and capabilities to support a wide range of use cases and requirements for any department, any company, any size.

On ACM – Keith Swenson

ACM is an industry initiative, and in such an environment it is important to try to communicate over a lot of noise. Marketing is a way to communicate. I fear that the academic community often regards marketing as a lot of empty claims, maybe even a kind of lying. If it is marketed, it can’t be true. It is a fair criticism to say that much that is written about ACM is untrue, but not all of it.


  1. Adam, you have a knack for picking the most awkward, vulnerable phrases from my posts! It is great fun anticipating which paragraph you will pick. It keeps things interesting.

    • Hi Keith,

      As usual, your article was interesting and insightful.

      The quote that I originally intended to show was about new opportunities for case management:

      “Recent inventions open new opportunities for case management. Data mining, social technology, and process mining are techniques that have not been employed in traditional case management. These have the potential to significantly transform the way that case management is accomplished.”

      In the end, I chose the line about ACM and marketing…

      I am always aware (and worried) that the quote choice might be taken out of context as a stand-alone quote.

      I can only hope that people find the quotes interesting and intriguing enough to click on the link and read the original article.


  2. Thanks Adam for the mention….


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