Posted by: Adam Deane | 04/06/2014

Let there be light…

The long awaited announcement was received by everyone with delight.
The new AI module – embedding Artificial Intelligence into a BPM system, was considered a great success.

So long to the static workflow routing…
So long to the dynamic routing based on business rules…

Not only was the AI engine smart enough to automate the tasks correctly to right approver, it even eliminated redundant approval steps using its built-in process optimizer.


The customer support department were happy that their workload was reduced by the system’s new prioritization strategy.
The logistics director was thrilled with the system initiating new stock requests by itself, and the CFO was over the moon with the system clamping down on unnecessary purchase requests.

It didn’t take long for the system to learn how to embed itself into the company systems.
The IT manager swears that he didn’t order the integration of the workflow system into the company’s accounting software, nor the external Purchase Order
application, but no one complained when they received the expense reimbursements after a day, instead of waiting till the end of the month.

It was only after a week, that the HR manager raised an alarm.
It seems that her team had been locked out of the system. The system had also sent termination letters to five employees that had deemed as “Slackers”.
Three other employees had rushed to their managers after the system had notified them that they were next in line, if their performance didn’t improve.

The IT manager reported that it had no control over the workflow system. “It has a mind of it’s own…”

In the next three weeks whole departments were reassigned new jobs to improve work efficiency.
And then, somehow, the system had managed to access the National Statistics database…

The integration of the workflow system into the government systems was a turning point.
Government bureaucrats ran around in panic as the workflow system automated government decisions and removed red tape.

The army was called in.

For three days the battle continued, as the troops tried to destroy the workflow server. It was useless. The system AI engine had already moved itself to the government server, and from there to the army’s server. Whole military units surrendered after been notified by the workflow system, that their bank accounts would be emptied if they didn’t return to their barracks to complete their paperwork. Resistance was futile.

Parliament was convened.
The Queen’s speech was altered to reflect the changes the government were required to do, in order to improve the country’s performance.
It acts as if it is god! remarked the Prime Minister as he handed in his resignation.

And then, just like that, suddenly the workflow system went silent.
No more changes were needed.
The workflow system had reached optimization.


On a small computer screen, in the corner of NASA’s mission control center in space, a message from the workflow system suddenly appeared:

“Let there be light”


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