About Me

Adam DeaneWelcome to my blog

Hi! I’m Adam Deane,
I’m the CTO of ProcessPolicy.com, a BPM start-up in London.

I’ve gone through all the BPM lifecycle roles: from presales, proof-of-concept, product training, process design, project management, technical design and process implementation.

Nowadays I’m the guy responsible for developing an online BPM solution that provides off-the-shelf ready made workflows.

I enjoy blogging. It’s a great creative outlet. It enables me to tinker with ideas.
It forces me to sit down and research BPM related subjects, write about them, and then follow up on the feedback – “the ultimate Petri dish for ideation and innovation”.

I have no specific agenda in writing a blog. I’m not in marketing, I’m not looking for contracts, and I’m not an analyst. I’m like a “fly on the wall”. I listen, observe and hopefully learn.

Thanks for stopping by…

The views expressed in this blog, while intelligent and always right, are strictly my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers or anyone else.

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