Posted by: Adam Deane | 26/05/2014

Two Stories of BPM

Story 1:

In a small office in a small building, worked a small process analyst, who designed small workflows for small companies.
Every day he would take out his small black pen, and design in small details the work needed to create those small workflows.
One day he arrived at his small office, opened the small office door, and sat down in his small chair.
He took a sip out of his small cup of coffee and opened his small bag to get his small black pen… but he couldn’t find it…

Story 2:

The train sped through the countryside on its way to London.
In the first class compartment of the train, a upper-class woman sat with her well-bred poodle.
“Who’s a pretty girl?” said the woman to her dog, as she straightened the little poodle’s red bow.

two BPM stories

Just then a elderly gentleman entered the compartment and sat down opposite the woman.
The elderly gentleman then took out a pipe, lit it and started smoking.

The woman looked at the gentleman with shock.
She then asked him to stop smoking.
The elderly gentleman paid no attention to her request and continued puffing on his pipe.

“Sir, I must request that you extinguish your pipe this very instant! My Fluffy does not like the smell of smoke.”

The elderly gentleman paid no attention to her request and continued puffing on his pipe.

In a fit of rage, the woman opened the window, snatched the pipe from his mouth and threw it out the window.

The elderly man, without a moment’s hesitation, picked up the small dog and thew it out of the window as well.

The woman screamed, and as commotion erupted the emergency brake cord was pulled and the train came to a stop.

The train guard came running into the compartment to find the woman and the gentleman yelling at each other.
“Look!” said the guard and pointed to the window.

In the distance you could see a small black dot on the train tracks.
As it got closer all could see it was the small poodle.
As the poodle got closer everyone noticed that it was holding something in it’s mouth.

What was it holding in it’s mouth?

You’re right.. it was the missing pen from the previous story



  1. I think you need to get out more.

  2. I think you need to get out more!!!

  3. Nice BPM story … and as cryptic and irrelevant as most stories about BPM …

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