Posted by: Adam Deane | 25/07/2011

Project Go Live

BPM Touchdown[Commentator ] The stadium is packed tonight, folks,
What a buzz! The most important night of the year:
The Go-Live finals.

It’s been a tough few months. Both teams have had a hard time. Injuries, delays, scope creep..
Both teams have been pushing hard. A combination of preparation and blocking any last minute change requests.

And now the final push…

30 seconds to the end. The last play of the game. Win or die.
This is what separates the men from the boys. The hall of fame or the hall of shame.

A nervous silence in the crowd. The moment of truth has come.
The eyes of the world turn to the Quarterback. All the responsibility rests on his shoulders. Experience, skill and luck all come together in this crucial moment.
But this game will be won or lost on pure determination. Pure determination.

All players arrange themselves in a formation behind the line of scrimmage.
The Quarterback receives the snap from the center, passes to the project manager, who passes back to the Quarterback.
The tackle charge forward. The crowd are on their feet.

The Quarterback takes the ball and charges down the line… he’s running by himself. Ducking under the guards. What a bold move. Never in my life have I seen such a sprint. He’s managed to bypass any user resistance.

He’s running down the line… 40…30…20…10…

TOUCH DOWN!!!! Amazing!! What a game!! What a fantastic ending to the project!!


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