Posted by: Adam Deane | 06/08/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Trends – Sid Nazareth

A good indication of where organizations are making technology investments comes from looking at their job postings

On BPM Trends – Jim Sinur

Don’t get me wrong, the BPM discipline has come a long way in the last seven years or so and so has the BPM technology (BPMS). Organizations have saved money, extended the productivity of workers, thrived and even capitalized with process. While this is “all good”, we need more productivity out of BPM and the supporting BPMS technologies. Processes have to become more intelligent and active going forward.

On BPM Predictions – Mike Gammage

That, in at least half of the Fortune 500, business process management platforms will be everyday enterprise-wide collaborative frameworks, widely used across every function to orchestrate business tranformation projects, to manage complex and dynamic sourcing supply chains, and to underpin vibrant continuous improvement cultures – by the time of the next soccer World Cup in Brazil.

On Celebrating BPM – Scott Francis

Do software developers celebrate finishing a product release? Do sales people celebrate making the sale? You bet they do. It is important to keep this culture of celebrating success in consulting as well. Don’t let Go-Live just be another day on the calendar. The team that got you there are your heroes, celebrate accordingly.

On BPM Governance – Rob Speck

There is still, however, a failure of public companies to fully appreciate the value of governance toward the leveraging of process information. The ability for executives to fully appreciate the value of harvesting process information and controlling those assets is at the core of establishing a successful BPM strategy. BPM is about harvesting process assets and fully leveraging them as key organizational assets

On BPM and Economy – Bart Snell

Change upsets the best-laid plans, and rapid change can be enterprise-threatening. We are smack in the middle of enterprise AND career threatening conditions – low economic growth coupled with growing regulatory changes. Slow economic conditions invite BPM spending reductions and/or deferral of continuing BPM projects and priorities

On BPM Software Pitfalls – Brian Reale

Don’t select the BPM software or workflow software that your programmers prefer instead of involving the business analysts

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