Posted by: Adam Deane | 17/06/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Gobbledygook – Jon G Ryder

As a professional in this field of BPM [there I go again, another TLA!] I read a significant amount of material written by clearly well-educated, well read and often brilliant individuals. The problem is, that I even as someone who has an insiders lexicon of Gobbledygook, I often lose interest in the articles and blog posts that I read. The reason is that the message is lost in sea of Gobbledygook and as a result I simply switch off.

On BPM and IT Pressure – Hans de Visser

Despite the immense pressure on IT to keep up with the pace of change that the business requires, the responses from the IT leaders that were interviewed show a very classical approach to the challenge, despite their ambition to step up. Around 50% of the respondents indicate that process improvement is achieved through building processes into existing applications and systems. More than 40% of IT decision makers state that their processes are mapped out in Powerpoint and Visio.

On BPM and MDA – Richard Soley

The current enterprise challenges are BPM and model-driven design. BPM is the key to agility. MDA makes BPM repeatable.

On Process and Documentation – Max J. Pucher

YES, a process that is not documented can’t be measured because it doesn’t exist. But the question is how one can measure the improvement of something from not existing to existing. Especially if it is utterly abstract. I just wrote a song and it is now much better than before I wrote it? Hmm … What can be measured is how bad the first process implementation was as it certainly isn’t what people did before.

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