Posted by: Adam Deane | 07/03/2010

BPM – Added Value

I’ve been looking for a list of the main Business Process Management values.
Although most of these are commonly used as marketing messages and some cliche, they still show the added value of using BPM:

Visibility and Control
• Process Visibility and Transparency
• Automate business processes and decision making
• Escalations, audit trails and alerts
• Locate bottlenecks
• Trend analysis
• Locate problems before they turn critical

Cost Reduction
• Reduce headcount
• Reduce operational costs

• Structured and transparent business processes
• Enforces company policies
• Work according to procedures
• Fix broken processes
• MifID, SOX ISO-9000 standards
• Audit trail, Policy Management, Compliance, Governance

• Reduce Development and Maintenance costs
• Low cost – Hardware, software, consulting
• Deployment in weeks

• Green IT – paperless, electronic forms.
• Great user experience – employees love using it
• Runs behind-the-scenes, using day-to-day apps like Outlook
• Cutting edge technology
• No coding – used by non-developers
• 100% Web-based, drag n’drop, wizards
• Proven – used by leading organizations


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