Posted by: Adam Deane | 09/07/2010

EA, BI and IT Quotes

On BPM and EA – Steve Towers

So the challenge becomes to align all of the process, application, information and technology resources across the entire enterprise to deliver successful customer outcomes in order to support higher and higher customer expectations. And alignment is the sweet spot of enterprise architecture

On Enterprise Architecture – Chris Lockhart

The purpose of enterprise architecture is to ensure that this type of tribal knowledge is institutionalized; to ensure that the what’s, when’s, who’s, why’s and how’s are documented at a conceptual and sometimes logical level. EA exists to ensure that business strategy is aligned with enabling technology. It supports simplicity. It enables agility. EA ensures that we each know our role in the overall orchestration that is the enterprise.

On BI and Spreadsheets – Boris Evelson

Gone are the days when BI and performance management vendors web sites had “let us come in and help you get rid of your spreadsheets” message in big bold letters on front pages. In my personal experience – implementing hundreds of BI platforms and solutions – the more BI apps you deliver, the more spreadsheets you end up with.

On Social BPM – Neil Ward-Dutton

There’s no doubt in my mind that the historically separate technology stovepipes that grew up around interpersonal collaboration and process management / workflow are merging, and the result is actually very positive for both ’sides’.

On Product Descriptions – John Arnold

People who write product descriptions are suffering from delusions if they think that the CEOs of major companies spend their time reading product descriptions on web sites in order to find good products to buy. It doesn’t work like that. What actually happens is that techies spend time looking at web sites to find good products to buy

On Software Vendors – Julie Hunt

Software vendors sometimes forget that it is equally important to deliver quality solutions that are: relatively easy to implement, do the job they’re supposed to do, perform well, and provide clear benefits to the buyer. Quality solutions should be the main objective of any software vendor.

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