Posted by: Adam Deane | 17/07/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On the role of automation in BPM – Ian Leaver

Too many businesses are being pushed towards automation as the answer to their problems, save a job here, a few pounds there. The reality is automation comes with some costs of its own, costs which are often overlooked.

On Unstructured BPM – Scott Francis

There will be users who worry that software will over-constrain their free-wheeling unstructured process – like the Borg assimilation routine. No one wants to feel like a Borg automaton. But there are times when process *should* cross organizational boundaries – whether structured or unstructured.

On Process Modelling Tools – Mike Gammage

But the idea that all process modelling tools are equal is not just wrong – it’s a huge barrier to BPM success.

On BPM Consultants – John Reynolds

Our skill is in knowing how to develop solutions for those problems through process analysis and process management.

On BPM Agility – Thomas J. Olbrich

Unfortunately, this does not benefit most businesses in any way – and this is unlikely to change any time soon. The very simple reason for my negative view is that businesses are basically unprepared for agility. They may want it, they may even need it but they can’t handle it

On BPM, CRM and ERP – Scott Cleveland

ERP is believed to be a necessary evil; CRM is easy; While BPM is disruptive. BPM crosses departments making agreement difficult. And, people hate change…

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