Posted by: Adam Deane | 02/10/2010

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Continuous Improvement – Craig Reid

If anyone is in doubt as to why improvement has to be continuous, the simple explanation is that stupid stuff happens all the time: mistakes are made, things are rushed, ideas badly conceived, ideas even more badly executed and then there are those people things – they keep making mistakes because for some unknown reason they aren’t perfect

On BPM Careers – David McCoy

All Process Problems are now Fixed! Millions of “Process Experts” to be Unemployed!

On BPM and EA – Laura Mooney

BPM teams are responsible for driving strategy for process transformation and EA teams are responsible for driving strategy for IT investments. One major problem is that the teams do not see the value in the others’ goals and purpose. EA teams just think of BPM as another technology investment and BPM teams just think EA is all about making pretty pictures.

On Enterprise Architecture – Chris Lockhart

On blogs and twitter feeds across the interwebs, battle lines seem to be forming over whether EA is dead or finally found to be an inarticulate term and therefore needs to be burned down and built up from scratch again. The phrase ‘built from the ashes of EA’ has been tossed about as if it is a foregone conclusion to all but the most uneducated that an entire field is discredited and dead

On BPM and Case Management Differences – Tom Shepherd

The single biggest difference between BPM and Case Management is the repeatability or predictability of the way in which work happens. BPM implementations presume a level of repeatability in the steps taken to accomplish a goal and to complete work. This tends to lead to the “one true process” view of the world where there is a best practice approach to how work is done.

On BPM Hype – Scott Francis

Having been in BPM, and remembering how many times a break-out year was predicted… I prefer not to make these kinds of predictions. BPM has been a steady grower, however, which may actually be more appropriate for enterprise technology- giving technology time to catch up to some of the hype

On Perceptions – Max J. Pucher

Project planning as well as business processes have to consider and support the irrational heuristics of perceptions, choices and decisionmaking. People simply aren’t logical, they are human!

On Process Models Platform – Girish Kukreja

I believe there is just a need of platform for people to start modeling processes and let it mature the Social / Collaboration way. Soon we will see process models platform on Wikipedia , Google . The operating model will be similar to all open source forums

On BPM Parlaying – Neil Ward-Dutton

For me, the health of a handful of “independent” infrastructure software players is a good sign for industry at large, because it maintains a level of industry choice that just wouldn’t be there if the market collapsed down to the usual behemoths.

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