Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/10/2010

Gartner BPMS Magic Quadrant 2010

Sorry, I was kindly asked to remove this post.


  1. Firs, I work for Ultimus. The most surprising thing to me it’s the following: we have disappeared from both analysits (G & F) simulteneously….

    We decided to discontinue our relation with Gartner which means also to discontinue being a customer to their services. The result is we disappear from their quadrant. Though we hav close to 2.000 customers worldwide and that the european anañysist set us as leaders.

    I belive the term market analyst means: we analyse those who are our customers.

    Of coruse this is a personal opinion totally independant from my company positition.



  2. Ah, very interesting…I’d love to know who and why they asked to remove this. We all know Gartner’s magic quadrants are just a big money making exercise. I know a BPM vendor that paid $250K to get into the quadrant. Gartner = credibility FAIL.

  3. Yes, analysts are pay to play only. But it is the customers who ask for these analyst reports. i was just at Gartner’s ITxpo in Orlando and there were around 5000 people!!! Not that I found the content overly amazing but there it is.

    Dear friendly or fiendly competitors, it is US WHO HAVE LOST THE CREDIBILITY with customers by ridiculous claims so that they now turn to the analysts so that when they chose a wrong product it is at least not their fault.

    The analysts are like real estate brokers or drug dealers who are made the middlemen because the buyer or seller has to little interest or find it too risky to to the deals himself.

    I have tried for ten years to go the route without analysts and while in Europe it used to be possible, it is impossible in the US and getting worse in EU too. It is the reason that we are nowhere on any Magic Quadarant while having by far been first with so many things. We are also cross analysts market fragments which doesn’t make it any easier. Customers want simple choices and solutions for complex problems.

    So here I am making my deals with the devil(s).

  4. I can’t get too worked up about your comment here Max – I’ve seen it so many times before – but I will try to conter once more at least. Please, please, please, don’t lump all analyst firms together. Not everyone is “pay-to-play”.

    Yes, MWD has a number of BPM vendors as customers. But our assessment reports cover many more vendors. Of those that come out with high scores some are our customers, but some aren’t. We do everything we can to make sure there’s no causal link.

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