Posted by: Adam Deane | 08/01/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM and Process Discovery – Gary Comerford

It’s all very well telling people that they need a great BPMS or similar system to help them manage their processes, or that they need to have a well-oiled governance process to manage the change control around them, or that they need to identify the key, customer-focused processes and use social media to help run them more efficiently. It’s even fine to tell people that processes are not isolated and that they are all parts of a larger continuum. But what very few people seem to actually be telling people is ‘Here is how you do good process discovery’.

On BPM and ACM Platforms – Jacob Ukelson

Here is the catch – business folks don’t really understand or buy platforms, they buy applications. Technical folks understand platforms – but really believe that all processes need to be structured – it is only a matter of effort…
The biggest issue with ACM is that business process management suites, which for many are the platform of choice for process implementation, are sold to IT. The IT department understands platforms but doesn’t understand unstructured process. On the other hand, the business understands unstructured processes but doesn’t understand platforms.

On BPM Vendors – Jaisundar V

But by and large though, the concept of BPM will continue to evolve around the fundamentals all of us concur on. However, the differences between different BPMS will gradually dissolve – this will happen as the concepts around BPM become better understood and appreciated by organizations, service providers, and, not to mention, vendors. Vendors will have a me-too pitches to attract more prospects and product promises and features may begin to look alike.

On BPM Vendors and Competition – Sandy Kemsley

I always enjoy talking with Garth because he says good things about his competitors’ products, which means that not only does he have good manners, but he takes enough care to learn something about the competition rather than just tarring them all with the same brush.

On Social BPM – Keith Harrison-Broninski

If you need to fuse the structural benefits of BPM with the collaborative potential of social technology, you won’t find it in the products currently being marketed as “social BPM”

On BPM and Information Silos – Brian Reale

Today most businesses are managing or rather mis-managing their business processes with a sloppy combination of email, excel spreadsheets, and maybe even paper forms. The message of BPM Software is clear, “let us take your forms and put them on the web and automatically route them to the users that are supposed to see them so that the process can progress in an automated fashion. And by the way, if the users need any information that is stuck in your other information silos, the BPM Software will take care of fetching the information, processing it and presenting it to the user at exactly the right time and in exactly the correct format.”

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