Posted by: Adam Deane | 06/02/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Gartner’s BPM Predictions – John Dixon

Those who embrace BPM can do things that others cannot. While this is true in 2010, by 2014, BPM will clearly deliver benefits to those who have the competencies, and deny a peaceful sleep to those who do not.

On BPM and BPMS – Tom Baeyens

The distinction between BPM as a management discipline and BPM Systems (BPMS) is an observation rarely pointed out by BPM vendors and therefor worth while highlighting. BPM vendors too often try to blur the distinction between the software product they offer and BPM as a business management discipline. Next they talk at length about the benefits of that combination to show that their software product brings all these benefits as a package that you can just buy off the shelf.

On BPM and Social ACM Methodologies – Max J. Pucher

The BPM methodology requires a governance bureaucracy, because the users who execute are not the ones to define or influence what is to be executed. Social and ACM are in difference technology-driven and focus on the users. There can be no Social ‘Methodology’, while there are some checklists what to look out for. But you can’t do Social Media without technology! The same is true for ACM as you need the technology to empower people and to create transparency.

On BPM Initiatives – Anatoly Belychook

From my experience, the biggest issue of BPM initiatives is poor targeting. People pick up a target for the BPM project – i.e. a specific business process – on a basis of intuition or politics but not a thorough analysis. No system is able to set the goal for itself. Hence BPM skills are not enough for BPM to be successful.

On BPM and Integration – Sripathi Bhat Neelavar

In a complex BPM implementation, organizations plan vendors, development teams, SMEs, business analysts, QA, Project Managers and so on. However they miss a key role that can integrate multi-function, multi-vendor BPM implementation challenges. And that key role is “Release Manager” or “Integration Manager”.

On BPM Challenges – Thomas J. Olbrich

“Business process management is an intellectual challenge, not a technological or financial one”

On BPMN and Swimlane Metaphors – Mike Gammage

If you liken the conductor’s score to the swim-lane view of the process you get a good analogy, as long as the components are laid down in a strict timeline. The conductor needs this overall detailed view so he knows when to expect each player to come in, what they will do and when they will exit. Prior to rehearsal this score is pored over by the conductor so is he completely familiar with it and can point out nuances that he wants.

On Open Source BPM – Brian Reale

So, let’s just be clear that the subject really is the traditional “commercial open source” business model and not so much open source software itself. Considering this, I agree that the common characteristics of the open source business model does not lend itself very well to Enterprise Software Sales, or at least not as well as having suited salespeople knocking on doors and attending to local territories.

On BPM and Visio – Sanooj Kutty

I have chosen the Visio add-on to introduce to my employers. Not because I really liked it, but because every one has a Visio on their desktop and over 5 years, there are more people who know to use Visio than just the single me who has used a BPMS before in my organization. Without a BPMS coming into the organization anywhere soon, this tool allows me to introduce the principles of Business Architecture and Business Process Management.

On BPM and ECM – Scott Francis

But if you follow the content management space, you might be aware that in general, the ECM vendors are targeting BPM as a way to stay relevant to their IT and Business buyers. It is about wallet-share and mind-share.

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