Posted by: Adam Deane | 05/03/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On the year of BPM – Jaisundar

Each year we bring out the drums and trumpets and make all that noise about how this year, it is finally really, truly, indeed is going to be the year for BPM. But, the year passes by with no substantial earth-shattering outcomes. And the drums come out again.

On the year of BPM – Neil Ward-Dutton

a ‘BPM project’ isn’t a case of installing a software product and doing some development and configuration. It’s a particular approach to delivering a business change project that is likely (these days) to involve use of some specialised software tools – but which can be applied in many different contexts.

On BPMN and Business People – Bruce Silver

Some say business people cannot use BPMN because they don’t know things like this already, but I reject that. The number of new shapes and symbols to learn is small and manageable… nothing close to the full BPMN palette

On BPM Trends – Gary Comerford

But if the current trend of consolidation in the market continues, it could safely be assumed that the market will come to be dominated by a small number of large vendors who provide integrated process management tools that can take a business from complete process novices right the way through to Level 5 process gurus.

On the state of BPM – Mike Gammage

BPM has gotten hijacked by vendors many times over the past decade and forced to perform some unnatural acts. But everything I see points to a return to its roots. There’s an emerging consensus that BPM is an enabler for operational excellence and continuous improvement. Which means, as a happy consequence, that the long separation between BPM and the mainstream Lean and Six Sigma practitioners is coming to an end.


  1. Hi Adam, as always a great list that get my mind going! Thanks. Max

  2. Thanks once again for the inclusion Adam!

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