Posted by: Adam Deane | 11/02/2012

BPM Quotes of the week

On BPM Products – Scott Francis

If you’ve owned a BPM product for more than a year and you’re still looking at getting process #1 deployed, I’d recommend two things:
1. See about getting some professional help from a boutique consultancy focused on project success. If you’re already working with one, consider a new one.
2. If that doesn’t get you on the path to more productivity and better use of your product, consider a different BPM platform. You might have picked the wrong one.

On BPM and Mobile – Sid Nazareth

Frankly, for an industry dedicated to process improvement and eliminating inefficiencies the lack of Mobile BPM options was embarrassing.

On BPM and Mobile – Alan Trefler

..people get it that there is a big difference from having a general purpose downloadable BPM app (that does what exactly??), and a full model-driven environment that makes mobile a first class citizen

On BPM and Tasks Masters – John Reynolds

So there’s our challenge as Tool builders – Task Masters need tools to increase their Visibility into Things That Matter Now. It’s fairly easy to figure out all the information that might matter, but it’s not so easy to figure what matters now.

On On Empowering Employees and Processes – Max Pucher

Empowering employees for processes means to make them enjoy what they do by giving them what they need: autonomy, targets, objectives, expected outcomes, guidance, social interaction, transparency, and security. How could a flowchart without content give this to them?

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