Posted by: Adam Deane | 08/08/2010

ECM Quotes of the week

On the Acquisition of Day Software by Adobe – Marko Sillanpää

For the first time since IBM acquired FileNet back in 2006, a major technology vendor has said ECM matters.

On ECM Practitioners – Joe Shepley

As ECM practitioners, we need to embrace the fact that our products and services will ultimately stand or fall on how well we enable our users/clients/partners/customers to do the jobs they need to do

On SharePoint – Bob Larrivee

In my view, SharePoint is one of those product sets which serves as a platform upon which you can build your enterprise content management environment but this requires more than the technology available through SharePoint

On Social Platforms – Rick Mans

At most organisations a lot of useful information remains in the heads of individuals or is buried in their local email inboxes since the ‘knowledge workers’ see no simple and appealing way to share it otherwise. To mitigate this inefficiency more and more companies set off to establish ‘social platforms’ like blogs, wikis or social networks within their intranet. Many platforms, however, fall short off the expected participation to become eventually abandoned and, worst of all, leave some burned grounds for any future initiatives

On BPM tools in ECM – Bob Larrivee

Recent findings.. show that 69% of the 495 responding companies consider BPM to be significant or imperative and 62% indicate they believe they have only addressed 1/5 of the potentially profitable processes in their organizations. When asked what they use, 11% indicated SharePoint while 36% indicated they seek BPM tools from their ECM suppliers

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