Posted by: Adam Deane | 22/01/2011

BPM Quotes of the week

On Process Automation – Chris Adams

No matter how much pre-planning and process discovery that is executed on the front end, automated processes require change and improvements. These needs are handled well by BPM Suites. BPM Suites provide process optimization methodologies that allow you to make real-time corrections and improvements to your live processes. This type of functionality ensures you continue to work towards your process goals without the need for entire process reconstruction and taking your processes “offline”.

On BPM and Acronyms – Ian Gotts

It is these big companies in their guise as BI (Business Intelligence) software vendors. The solutions they are offering are capturing, manipulating and reporting on business metrics. Slicing and dicing. Displaying as reports and scorecards. Great information, but not great insight.

On ACM – Anatoly Belychook

ACM inherits BPMS approach to process execution, monitoring and analysis but replaces “hard” templates with “soft”: ACM template doesn’t dictate what should be done but rather prompts what the user could do in current situation. The user may reject these clues and pave his own way. He may use more than one template or instantiate a case from scratch and not use any template.

On BPM and Process – Mike Gammage

The makeover of process gathers pace. It’s great to see it being dragged out of IT and morph to become the lingua franca for the whole business. Once written off as hopelessly nerdy and technical, process, properly used, is increasingly seen as the best common language. The end-to-end processes of the organization, expressed in the language of the business and owned by the business, can describe all of its activities, including those of its knowledge workers, and how they all fit together.

On BPM and the Process Body of Knowledge – Scott Francis

There’s always a tension between those that want to document the work we do (or capture it in process), and those who are already expert in that work – who find the act of defining to be too constraining. They’ll feel that the constraints are too much – and that if you lived by the constraints, you could never make the correct human judgments that they are able to make because of the wealth of experience they have

On BPM and Failure Diagnosis – Alberto Manuel

If indeed it is very important to have systems that tell us where failures are occurring and thereby contribute to reduce the diagnosis time and action taken, on the other hand it seems like we humans are giving too much importance only to information that the systems provide, limiting our ability to reason and perform the work.

On BPM and Customer Satisfaction – Ann All

While it’s great that companies seem to recognize that internal organizations must work together to increase customer satisfaction (and hopefully generate more revenue), they’ll be challenged to create the kinds of end-to-end, multi-organizational processes that can help attain this goal. Business process management could play a key role.

On BPM Definitions – Jon Ryder

It presumes that business performance can be improved by assessing the performance of these assets. Makes improvements to these assets based on the assessment and by deploying these improvements with effective change management, ensuring therefore that the business makes the best possible use of the ‘process’ asset.

On Social BPM – Vinaykumar Mummigatti

If we can tie the business processes that govern marketing, product engineering, customer service and innovation to the data that gets generated through social media websites, we can start getting a better handle on the social media investments through the returns measured in terms of KPI’s.

On EA and Funding – Mark DiGirolomo

In addition to a strong alignment with the business, EA will also need to move towards a more formal approach for measuring its value. EA groups that don’t celebrate this will be in danger of losing funding. “Results based” is our new paradigm. Funds will move toward departments and projects that are transparent in the value that they are delivering.

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